Some consider it a singular building,
others heritage for history

ALTING Investments constitutes the strategic axis of the Company with a clear property vocation, Core Plus-Value Added.

We acquire, transform and manage buildings, maximizing their value, and we incorporate them to our select portfolio of assets, constructing a diversified portfolio whose priority is location and quality.

The investment strategy of ALTING is multi-product; therefore, our assets are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Offices: Office buildings for corporate headquarters or multi-tenant, located in the central business district (CBD) of Barcelona and Madrid.
  • Hotel: Hotels in the best locations of Barcelona.
  • Commercial: Commercial premises in the center of Barcelona.
  • Residential: Buildings of residences of great quality in Barcelona.

Our portfolio, along with the long-term vision of the Company, generates value, stability and sustained profitability over time.

Our main Assets

Passeig de Gràcia, 29-31

An exceptional building in the heart of Passeig de Gràcia. Its façade appears in the Barcelona City Council catalog of Protected Buildings. It has been restored and renovated by ALTING Developments in order to preserve its incalculable artistic value.
The building has a floor space of 6,100 m², of which 2,100 m² are for retail use and leased to prestigious international firms like NIKE and MANGO. The remaining 4,000 m² house the 5-star hotel EUROSTARS BCN DESIGN of the HOTUSA Hotel Group.

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Aragó, 271

A building located in the prestigious Quadrat D'Or, the heart of the most intense Modernism in Barcelona, on Aragó next to the Passeig de Gràcia.
The building has a total floor space of 4.000 m² on eight floors. It was built in the early 20th century and fully remodeled in 1994.
It was initially home to the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, then leased through May 2012 to the international firm MAZARS AND ASSOCIATES. It later housed the headquarters of the 20th edition of CASA DECOR.
ALTING has transformed the building into a superior 4-star Hotel with 81 rooms, delivering it in May 2016 through a lease with the hotel chain ROOM MATE, owned by Kike Sarasola.

Balmes, 433

The building, acquired in 2016, is located in the exclusive Sant Gervasi - La Bonanova district, in the upper part of the street Balmes, next to the Plaça Kennedy, has spectacular views of all of Barcelona, Tibidabo and the sea.
The building has 3.935,60 m² and will house a rental housing development with areas between 150 m² and 170 m², distributed in 3 rooms plus a service area. And the penthouse has a single home of 190 m² plus 170 m² of private terrace.

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Ruiz de Alarcón, 5

A unique building in the classical style located in the heart of Madrid, in the Los Jerónimos district. This neighborhood is home to most of Madrid’s museums as well as the headquarters of important companies and the Madrid Stock Exchange.
The building has a total floor space of 5,650.15 m² on seven floors plus a basement. The entire building is currently leased to the SPANISH MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND COOPERATION.

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Av. Diagonal, 371

A highly emblematic building with a unique façade at the corner of Avinguda Diagonal and Pau Clarís, just off Passeig de Gràcia.
This building has eight above-ground floors and four levels of retail and parking space. Built by the British bank Nat West, it was sold to Landscape, the real estate subsidiary of Banc de Sabadell, after which ALTING acquired it.
At present the building is in the renovation process, designing an exclusive corporate office building. The premises located on the ground floor are leased to the BANC DE SABADELL.

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Torre Barcelona. Av. Diagonal, 477

“Torre Barcelona" is a 22-story building that is emblematic due to its height and the spectacular glass and aluminum façade, facing all four directions, right on Avinguda Diagonal next to the Plaça Francesc Macià.
Fully renovated, it has latest-generation installations with advanced technology, as well as all of the services you would expect from an upscale building.
ALTING owns 5,168.26 m² of the building, which are leased to various companies of national and international prestige, as well as housing its own headquarters.

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Ganduxer, 34-36

A residential building located in Barcelona’s Zona Alta, in the district of Sant Gervasi, specifically on Plaça Sant Gregori Taumaturg, right next to Turó Parc and Avinguda Diagonal, one of the best residential areas in Barcelona.
It has a total floor space of 5,908 m² on nine floors and a garage.
The ground floor houses retail spaces leased to BBVA, GAES and to the restaurant LE CINQ GASTRONOMIA GOURMET and its seven upper floor are luxury homes.

Fontcoberta, 4

The HOTEL PEDRALBES, currently classified with three stars, acquired by ALTING in 2016, is located in the prestigious neighborhood of Sarrià - Sant Gervasi. The hotel has the ground floor plus six upper floors and 30 rooms.
ALTING, from its Developments division,has carried out a modernization of the building, to adapt both the rooms and the common areas of the property in order to convert it into a Boutique hotel.

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Mallorca, 362

A modernist building in an exceptional location right by Sagrada Familia, one of the most in-demand retail and tourism areas of the city.
The building was fully renovated recently by ALTING, maintaining the Modernist façade and transforming its interior into tourist dwellings. Currently the building is leased by the Hotel Group HOSTEMPLO.

Aragó, 562-566

A newly constructed building, developed and promoted by ALTING Developments.
This upscale residential complex is marketed for rent only.
The building has 38 two- or three-bedroom units and high-quality finishes and features that ensure maximum comfort.
The building also has a retail space leased to a HYUNDAI dealership, storage areas and parking spaces.

Aragó, 28

This building is located in the heart of the Eixample, specifically on the corner of Aragó and Entença, very near the Plaça Espanya and, therefore, right next to the Barcelona Fairgrounds.
It has the ground floor, basement and seven upper floors.
The building was formerly used exclusively as commercial space, with the ground floor devoted to retail and the upper floors were for offices.
The ALTING Developments division fully renovated the building, converting it into a business school. It is currently leased to the E.A.E. business school, which belongs to the PLANETA GROUP.

Aragó, 130

A newly constructed building, developed and promoted by ALTING, is located in Barcelona’s Eixample Esquerra on Aragó between Comte d'Urgell and Avinguda Roma
It has a ground floor and loft plus five upper floors. The ground floor is used for retail and the rest of the floors have a license for tourist use. It is currently leased to a company of tourist apartments, THE STREETS APARTMENTS.

Calàbria, 90-92 / DESINVERTIDO

In an excellent location just off Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes and near the Plaça Espanya and the Barcelona Fairgrounds, the Alting Developments division designed and fully developed a 4-star hotel in just 11 months. In June 2015, it was delivered through a lease with AXEL HOTELS, a Catalan hotel chain with international presence, a leader in its segment.
At the end of 2015, once the entire management process of the land, construction and leasing was finalized, the ALTING group decided to disinvest the asset, maximizing in this way its value.

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